"The face of the R E B E L L I O N
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Rapunzel Rapunzel let down that stank weave

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Which cast member would be best in a crisis situation?

Sep 29 +1628

"It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart.”

Sep 29 +1719


Steal her look: Tish Simmonds

Motto Cotton Denim Shirt- Topshop (69.83$)

Thvm Vintage Acid Wash Jeans- Dose : (145$)

Her mum’s car -  probably around 5500$

Her mum- Priceless

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i need more redeeming qualities my amazing sense of humor isnt getting me anywhere

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Sep 29 +4800

You should really pay attention. You might learn something.

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is ellen even hosting or is she just hanging out with famous people

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I look at people holding hands in the hallways, and I try to think about how it all works. At the school dances, I sit in the background, and I tap my toe, and I wonder how many couples will dance to ‘their song.’ In the hallways, I see the girls wearing the guys’ jackets, and I think about the idea of property. And I wonder if anyone is really happy. I hope they are. I really hope they are.

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